Dr. Oz Fest and Dr. Mejia speaking on Skin Cancer

Last month, Dr. Mejia spoke at the Dr. Oz fest in Palm Beach Gardens Mall about protecting your skin to avoid skin cancer. Here is his presentation: Presentation by Dr. Mejia on Skin and Hair Health at Dr. Oz Event from Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration We urge you to learn about the ABCD’s of … Read more

Don’t Fry Day To Protect Your Skin

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention encourages to protect your skin today and every day. So on Friday, the day before Memorial Day, May 24, 2013 is “Don’t Fry Day” To Encourage Sun Safety Awareness. Be Safe and Sunaware.

Skin Cancer Q & A

I enjoy the sun.  How bad can the sun really be? While the sun is enjoyable and the heat is refreshing and many people seek the Florida sun, the harmful effects of UVB is evident in sunburns this causes damage and destruction of the DNA of the cells which can lead to Skin Cancers.  Examples of these include basal and squamous cell carcinomas and melanoma.

Melanomas are the most deadly of all skin cancers and have been estimated to affect 1:79 people in their lifetime.  Melanomas unfortunately can occur in both sun exposed and non-sun exposed areas.  They are most commonly found in the back of the legs of woman and the backs of men.  They can occur in any race, although they are most commonly found in the Caucasians.  Melanomas are seen more frequently after the age of 40, however they do also occur in young adults and rarely in children.

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How Do Skin Cancers Happen?

How do skin cancers happen?  What are the different types ? See our 3d animation of skin cancer under skinconditions/skincancers.