Welcome to the Sunblock Challenge. The Sunblock Challenge is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sunblock awareness during outdoor sporting activities.  Dr. Ricardo Mejia of Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration is the director of  The Sunblock Challenge.

Our objective is to enjoy the sun and the outdoor recreational environment that we do every day in a responsible manner to keep our skin young, healthy, and cancer free.

Our mission is to participate in tournament and recreational events to bring awareness of chronic sun exposure and skin cancers and to promote skin cancer prevention.

Following are links to participate in The Sunblock Challenge:

1)  Visit our Rules pages to see how you can win money in our upcoming Fishing Tournament or Soccer Sporting events.   Jupiter Dermatology & Hair Restoration will be giving away cash and prizes to the winners provided they have  taken the Sunblock Challenge Pledge registered for the events and honored the agreement.

2) Sign up for The Sunblock Challenge on our event page. It’s free to sign up. Sunblock Challenge Sign Up

3) Check out the event we are currently sponsoring, Blue Water Babes for details and registration to fishing tournament.

Thank you for participating in The Sunblock Challenge and look forward to seeing you there!