Grand Slam KDW 2015

Join us May 8-9th at the Grandslam KDW’s 20th annual event and our fifth year in supporting them to promote sunblock usage to prevent skin cancer. Grandslam KDW will be honoring Richard Black who passed away from brain cancer this past October. Wear your sunblock and win CASH! $500 cash prize to the person that … Read more

A Purple Heart Recipient Gets A Wahoo, Tuna & Bonita

Jim McMahon, a 90 year old WW II veteran, recently went  fishing on Dr. Mejia’s boat, “The Sunblock”.  Besides being a wonderful human being, Jim is the last living tank commander of the First Cavalry in World War II. He was also in the Battle of The Bulge in 1945 and in D-Day.  We are … Read more